One of Hyundai's commercials for the big game tugs at the heartstrings while its counterpart redlines the insanity.

The first commercial, "Nice" is about the Hyundai Elantra and features Johnny Galecki from "The Big Bang Theory". In the ad, Johnny tries saying pleasant compliments to a female driver next to him as they both drive neck and neck in their dual Elantras. For each nice thing Johnny says to the woman, she turns it on its head. What starts off as a "nice ride" / "nice try" trade-off escalates in reality as the things the woman says to Johnny become real. So when Johnny says "nice handling" to the lady, she says "nice... rambling" in response, which causes comedian Richard Lewis to teleport into Johnny's backseat and start continuously rambling. The responses of the woman get more and more extreme as Johnny's Elantra is seen flying through flaming circles in a giant circus act.

Hyundai's sister commercial, "Dad's Sixth Sense" (provided below), takes a serious-but-funny approach to appealing to the masses. This second commercial starts off with a father repeatedly saving his son from everyday dangers throughout various times of his child's upbringing. During one scene, the father caught his son in the nick of time as he almost fell off his bike. Now, the father is trying to keep his teenage son from harm in a different way -- he is letting him drive a Hyundai Genesis, a car that features automatic emergency braking. So now, the father can still provide the same last-second supervision that he has always done without having to physically be there.

Expect to see "Nice" and "Dad's Six Sense" split up with one Hyundai commercial playing during the first half of the big game, and another during the second.

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