Two months after posting his 'Starbucks Rant Song' 25-year-old Starbucks barista Christopher Cristwell was fired by the jolly green coffee giant. Shirtless under his standard-issue Starbucks apron, Cristwell jokingly railed against the stereotypical entitlement and conduct of customers in the song.

Though the video is quickly approaching 100,000 views, Cristwell does seem to feel some remorse for the way things have turned out. As he told ABC News:

"It was a comedy song, and, ironically, it is not autobiographical. The customers that come into that store, I really love them a lot, I treat them well, and they treat me well. I sang the song to get a laugh."

Still, this hasn't stopped him from releasing a follow-up. Watch parts and and two of Cristwell's "Starbuck Rant" below:

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