Don't forget your cup the next time you're running late for work and need your Starbucks fix.

The coffee giant has announced it's adding a reusable cup option for drive-thru and app orders. The option was previously only available to those who ordered inside, at the counter.

How To Use Your Own Cup At Starbucks

CNN reports drive-thru customers will be able to say they've brought their own cup when placing their order. Starbucks workers will take the cup at the window and fill it with the drink.

When ordering via the Starbucks app, CNN says there is now a "personal cup" option. Mobile customers can bring their cup into the store for the barista to fill once the order is placed.

Both options were planned to be available starting today.

Of course, there are some rules when it comes to getting your personal cup filled by a Starbucks barista. You can't just come in with an empty bucket and demand it to be filled with a caramel macchiato.

According to CNN, Starbucks requires any cups brought from home to be clean and no larger than 40 ounces.

Other Changes Planned For Starbucks In 2024

The move to using personal cups to reduce waste isn't the only change that's been announced for Starbucks this year.

Last month, Starbucks revealed it will allow locations to turn off the ability for customers to place mobile orders when workers become overwhelmed and fall behind making drinks.

"Reasons for a halt include higher-than-expected volume, or when employee absences are negatively impacting the Starbucks experience," Bloomberg reported.

In addition to the announced changes for ordering, Starbucks is also reportedly set to unveil new drinks for the winter season.

The Street reports the coffee chain will offer a pistachio latte, pistachio cream cold brew and an iced hazelnut oat milk shaken espresso.

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