Starbucks debuted an etched metal gift card for the hardest of the hardcore coffee drinkers yesterday. And it sold out in seconds.

To be fair, the $450 card, offered through Gilt, was actually worth the money if you go to Starbucks on a regular basis. It comes with $400 on the card, and the other $50 goes joining Starbucks' customer loyalty program. So you get free coffee on your birthday, free refills of brewed coffee and tea, and after buying twelve drinks, you get one free. Every twelve drinks you buy.

So, crunching the math, with the average Starbucks coffee costing $2.10 (and no refills), that's roughly 206 cups of coffee, or basically your workday morning coffee for most of a year. Hey, getting your coffee for most of a year up front isn't bad.

That said, seeing people freak out over a piece of steel is pretty strange. But, hey, if they love coffee that much...