Getting banned in the UK for "denigrating" bottled drinks won't stop SodaStream from bringing their message to the biggest advertising opportunity in the world -- Super Bowl 2013. The advertisement shows people carbonating water with a SodaStream and making the bottles the beverages are contained in instantly disappear. Apparently other soda manufacturers were upset and the ad was pulled from British television.

A new take on the above ad is planned for Super Bowl 2013. (Check back closer to the Super Bowl to see the new version.)

We know it's not what they were going for, but every time we see one of these commercials we think of all the mopping somebody has to do. And how sticky a floor flooded with hundreds of gallons of orange soda must be. And then we start thinking about going on a diet. Then we realize if we just drank plain seltzer instead of regular pop, we could cut so many calories from our diet. Then we think about buying a SodaStream. So good work, you guys -- your plan worked.

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