Everybody loves the Simpsons, and every year, on Halloween, we get the 'Treehouse of Horror,' which usually showcases a wackier side of the writing staff (than usual). From filler Krusty dolls to 3D belching and Marge's batty hairdo, we found 20 awesome GIFs to make your Halloween. (Warning: flashing animation ahead. Also, tons of fat jokes.)

  • 1

    King Homer

    We always knew that Homer was an enormous ape. Now we finally have the proof.

  • 2

    Button Eyes

    One of the few times 'The Simpsons' attempted social realism, with an episode showing the plight of toy store workers, who are viciously attacked by animate, hostile toys in enormous numbers every year. It won them an Independent Spirit Award, but bombed in the ratings, so they went back to just being funny.

  • 3

    Burping in Stereoscopic

    Below, proof 'The Simpsons' predicted belching in 3D was a moneymaker well before 'Shrek' came along.

  • 4

    It's Catdog!

    OK, we can't be the only people who saw that and instantly thought "It's Catdog!"

  • 5

    Why Doesn't He Sneeze?

    What's sad is that we're not sure this isn't how Homer gets frisky with Marge on the actual show.

  • 6

    %22No beer and no TV maaaaake...%22

    To be fair to Homer, he handled being trapped in the hotel full of nightmarish creatures a lot better than Jack Nicholson did.

  • 7

    'The Office' Terror

    Yeah, this pretty much describes how it feels going into work every single day.

  • 8

    2 Bedroom, 2 Bath, with Scenic Dimension Portal

    Yeah, there's a house like that down the street from The FW's offices. Hellish screams escape from it, and people who walk in leave gibbering in fear. But we think it probably has more to do with the racy mural of 'The Golden Girls' than the transdimensional portal.

  • 9

    Homer: Not Aerodynamic

    You do have to feel kind of bad for him, if for no other reason than he could probably stay aloft without that blood belly.

  • 10

    Stood Up At Your Own Party

    Well, at least there's plenty of Duff in the fridge, guys.

  • 11

    The Highlights Of the Evening

    We know this is a reference to the classic horror film 'Poltergeist,' but it also doubles as a neat disco house.

  • 12

    A Fossilized Opening

    We don't know. For an intro, it seems kind of bony.

  • 13

    A Batty Hairstyle

    Honestly, this really explains a lot about how Marge keeps her hair clean. Not how she keeps it up, though, aside from tons of hairspray.

  • 14

    %22I Toddally-Odally Told You So!%22 - Ned Flanders

    If we're really being honest, this really seems the most likely scenario. Well, for Homer and Bart, anyway.

  • 15

    Krusty Gets Kreepy

    We have to admit, we nerdily love this episode for combing two great killer doll stories: "Talky Tina" from 'The Twilight Zone,' and the Zuni fetish doll from the Trilogy of Terror. But Krusty is scarier than either of them, in the end.

  • 16

    Maggie Needs an Exorcist

    We're glad they avoided the creepiest parts of 'The Exorcist,' cause that would have been...horribly wrong.

  • 17


    Sometimes the simple things are the best.

  • 18

    Yeah, We Feel Like This Some Days, Too.

    Although we suspect Lisa not doing this because she's got our commute.

  • 19

    Even Death Has to Rest His Dogs

    OK, so it isn't quite the Grim Reaper from 'Family Guy.' But you have to admit, the Angel of Death needs to put his feet up like everyone else.

  • 20

    You Won't Have Skinner To Kick Around Anymore!

    Well, OK, maybe you will.


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