It's always nice to see kids doing something to raise awareness or money to help their fellow man. Apparently, one school in Bedforshire, England doesn't feel the same way.

The Priory Academy has forbidden one of its students from starting a fundraiser to bring in donations for Prostate Cancer UK because the drive requires him to grow a mustache.

Gus Hooker, 13, wanted to honor the memory of his grandfather by growing some facial hair to raise money for the charitable organization. He wouldn't just sprout some peach fuzz for his mustache. His facial hair grows much faster and thicker than most teenage boys. His father said he had to start shaving at the age of 9 and has to shave every day.

The school, however, didn't like Gus' fundraising gimmick. It's not because they have a rule that prevents students from having facial hair. Some of the school's staff members have held similar fundraisers in the past with the school's blessings. Gus' father told the press that the school stopped his son because not all of the students could participate in the mustache growing fundraiser.

So instead, the school will allow him to hold a rally in which students can donate money to wear a fake mustache throughout the day.

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