Gus Hooker of Bedforshire, England has a couple really good reasons to take part in "Movember," the month-long initiative to raise awareness and funds for men's cancer research.

The first is that the 13-year old's grandfather is currently recovery from cancer. The second is that Hooker is the rare 13-year-old who can grow a solid mustache.

However, Priory Academy, the school which he attends, put the kibosh on his November facial hair growth. According to the school, the gesture was inappropriate because his less mature classmates didn't have the ability to participate in it.

The school is allowing Hooker to hold a charity event on November 30, in which students pay about $2 for the privilege of wearing a fake mustache to class.

Hooker, who has been shaving since he was nine, thinks the school is missing out by banning his charity 'stache.

"It's a shame because my mustache would've raised a lot of money," he said. "Everyone wanted me to go for it."

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