We're fast approaching Movember, an annual month-long event in which participants grow out their mustaches to raise awareness of male health issues.

When one thinks of mustaches, one can't help but conjurer up an image of Nick Offerman. (Or at least his 'Parks and Recreation' character Ron Swanson.) So who better than Offerman to offer up advice on growing out your 'stache this November?

Before doing so, Offerman makes sure to warn you that your mustache will never look like his. That's because, in addition to his spectacular genetics, Offerman had his 'stache tamed by Scottish sheepherders and bathes it daily in cologne, whale oil and beef talon.

He does, however, give out some tips on how to make your attempt at manliness look less scraggly. Much of it stems from eating onions raw. Yeah, that doesn't make a lot of sense. But when you're starring deeply into Offerman's illustrious lip sweater, you can't really argue with his mustache growing logic.

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