Six months ago, 29-year-old Sarah Churman charmed the internet and brought tears to many an eye after her emotional response to hearing herself speak for the first time after having a hearing device implanted in her ear went viral. Now she's back, and hearing even better. 

About nine million people watched the video of Sarah hearing herself with the help of a special Esteem chip. About a million more saw her appearance on 'Ellen,' in which she talked about her life-changing experience.

But her story got even more publicity over the last couple weeks since it was featured prominently in the controversial 'Kony 2012' video, which has been viewed by over 50 million people. (A clip of Churman crying was used to show how the internet can bring us heartbreaking stories.)

During her appearance on 'Ellen,' Churman learned that Envoy, the company that makes the implement, was giving her a chip for her other ear. That happened earlier this year, and, again, Churman recorded her reaction.

While you don't get the pure, unadulterated joy that you did in her first video, it is still interesting to see someone hear in stereo for the time.

Churman first describes it as "weird," but really starts to like the new sensation after about a minute.

The Envoy Esteem isn't like a hearing aid in that it amplifies sound. Instead, it stimulates the natural hearing bones in the ear. Churman is now one of only 20 people worldwide who have the implant in both ears.