Until now, we had been assuming that the so-called "Perverted Stingray," who "photo bombed" some nice young women on vacation and created an internet sensation, was just happening by when the photo was snapped. Sarah Bourland, the lady on the left in the photo, let us in on how this meme was really brought into fruition.

Bourland was on vacation in the Cayman Islands with her friends, Natalie and Kendall. The photographer at Stingray Island initially took a picture with the stingray in front of them. Afterwards, his assistant put it on their backs without telling them, and the photographer snapped the infamous shot. Says Sarah,

Our reactions are genuine. It was all too much and unexpected and the photographer snapped the photo at the perfect time! We had no idea that the photo was so brilliant until later when he showed us the proof. The two older ladies laughing at us in the background truly make the photo."

On being a minor internet celebrity, Bourlan has this to say:

This entire thing is hilarious to me! I'm a school teacher and all my kids think that I'm a celebrity and keep asking for my autograph and if I know Justin Beiber and other teen icons. Every time my phone rings or makes a sound, they automatically assume that Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift is calling."

Here's the picture they wanted to get.

Stingray- before shot
Sarah Bourland

Here's what they got instead.

stingray creepster

Now, Sarah is hoping that her and her friends' newfound internet celebrity will land them on 'Ellen.' It just blows my mind at how many people have seen this photo in just a matter of days," Sarah says. "Hopefully, Ellen has seen it and finds it just as funny as everyone else."

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