The comedy duo Hamish and Andy are a pretty big deal in Australia, where they host a popular radio program. Rihanna appeared on their show a couple years ago, and during the conversation the pair joked about the hitmaker's songwriting process. “If you think of a tune instead of humming something in the morning do you call Jay-Z and go ‘rapapapa?’,” they asked her.

"By the way, if we hear 'rapapapa' in one of your songs we’re going to know where you got it from,” they added as a disclaimer. Can you guess where this is going?

Not long after the interview, Rihanna came out with the song 'Man Down,' which includes a repeating of the sound "rum pa-pa-pum" in the chorus. Rihanna was back on 'Hamish and Andy' last week to promote her movie 'Battleship' and the duo confronted her about the (possible) theft.

When the pair played Rihanna the original video of them discussing "rapapapa," she could only smile and laugh. Busted!

It was all in good fun, and we don't think Hamish and Andy are really about to sue Rihanna for royalties despite their pretty solid case. Anyway, the real victim in this "rapapapa" scandal is obviously whoever wrote 'The Little Drummer Boy.'