There are two things about this clip, shot on a British subway, that make it a must-watch; the guy in the background and the guy in the foreground.

First of all, the guy singing. Granted, what he's doing is absolutely ridiculous. But if you must sing on the subway, at least have a decent voice, and this guy is pretty good. True, singing Rihanna on the subway is fairly wimpy, but at least you've got the chops. Besides, we're fairly sure this guy is oblivious to the world when he turns on his iPod.

It's the businessman in the foreground that really makes the video, though. We're not sure if he's simply trying to show a stiff upper lip in the face of something ridiculous, or if he's just trying to avoid bursting out laughing at this guy. Either way, he puts a pretty remarkable face on for most of the video. He may be ignoring the guy singing a pop song five feet away from him, but it's definitely a struggle not to say something.

What do you think?