2012 Music Mash-up
If you love dance parties, but just don't have it in you to physically move for more than 10 minutes without experiencing chest pain, here you go! This pop "danthology" squeezes 55 songs that got stuck in your head at the grocery store this year into eight minutes.
Rihanna Tour Turns Ugly
When it started, it seemed like it was going to be the greatest time ever, but now the journalists who were picked to accompany Rihanna on her 777 Tour have started to get restless. And take of their clothes. And chant protests. And tweet about it. Here are some of their messages to the world, to gi…
The Internet Vs. Rihanna
Rihanna's performance of 'Diamonds' this past Saturday has angered an internet subculture of "Seapunk" artists, whose style she (along with Azealia Banks, who is also catching some heat) essentially jacked.
Unfortunately for Rihanna, you can't really do anything that upsets anybody without …
Did Chris Brown Get a Rihanna Neck Tattoo?
Chris Brown, well-known for being such a classy guy, is now sporting a rather large neck tattoo of a lady's face. It's maybe some kind of half-lady/half-sugar skull, or possibly a Lizardwoman monster-thing. Like most neck tattoos, it is of dubious quality, so it's difficult to say exa…