A homecoming pep rally is ostensibly about firing the student body up for the big Friday night football game. While there are varied ways to whip teenagers into a frenzy, reenacting a notorious instance of domestic violence would be universally recognized as an odd choice.

But that's exactly what happened at Waverly High School in Waverly, New York. During the "Mr. Waverly" portion of the pep rally one of the students came out as Chris Brown and then proceeded to pummel a student dressed as Rihanna.

If that wasn't provocative enough, the students, who were white at a school that is 97% white, were wearing blackface.

The unusual sketch began to get national attention when Matt Dishler, a 2006 graduate of Waverly, filed a CNN iReport about it, which included the above photo.

Since then, there has been pressure on the school's administration to explain why a sketch that featured domestic violence and blackface was given the OK.

Today, school district superintendent Joseph Yelich responded to the criticism.

The Waverly School District is committed to creating a positive atmosphere through our activities," he said in statement. "I will be working with our building administrators, our staff and our students to examine our current activities and develop future activities consistent with our commitment."

So far no word on whether any action will be taken against the students or Waverly High's administration. Do you think there should be?

UPDATE: Here is video footage from another pep rally held by Waverly High three years ago. In this video, a white teacher dressed up as a Native American waving a tomahawk around is chased around, then hogtied in the middle of the floor and dragged away. Classy.