If you don't know this already, here's an important safety tip: never ever put your face near a strange dog. He just might bite your lips off.

Unfortunately, no one ever shared this tidbit of wisdom with Denver news anchor Kyle Dyer. On Wednesday morning, she was interviewing Michael Robinson, the owner an Argentine Mastiff named Max who'd been rescued by firefighters earlier in the week when he fell through the ice while chasing a coyote.

As the interview ended, Dyer leaned toward Max in a show of affection -- and before Robinson was able to restrain him, the dog snapped at her. The resulting injuries to Dyer's lips were so bad that she's had to have reconstructive surgery and will be out of work for weeks.

What's worse, Max may be put down. Should Max be punished for this? Shouldn't Dyer have known better? (Note: this video contains footage that may be too intense for some viewers.)

[via Dlisted]