We've all heard of rescue dogs, but we never thought this particular canine would end up saving the day.

Charley Pargo, 8, her little sister Lacey, 5, and her best friend Victoria Baker were taking their family dog Lucy for a walk down the cul-de-sac where they lived. When they got to the end of the street Lucy picked up a scent and pulled the girls into the woods.

That's when things got scary. "We tried to find our way out of the woods," Carlie explained. "We kept following paths and stuff and we got lost."

When the girls didn't return home after a couple hours, the neighborhood went into panic mode and search teams were called into action. But instead of the canine unit, it was Bell, a 3-year-old chihuahua who lives across the street from Pargos, that was able to sniff the lost girls out.

Bell did have an advantage over the police dogs -- she played with missing girls regularly so she knew their scent well.

Nevertheless, it was a huge surprise that a breed of dogs best known for fitting in woman's handbags and hawking Taco Bell was able to step up and play hero. Learn more about this most unusual of rescues in the video below.