In a Bud Light 2012 Super Bowl commercial, a man's friends seem surprised that he has taken on the responsibilities of a dog. But when they learn more about the rescue pooch, whose name is 'Weego,' they realize why their buddy is so enamored with him. 'Here Weego,' the man calls out, and his new little buddy runs to the fridge, opens it and fetches him a Bud Light.

The friends try out the trick, and Weego fetches them cold ones, too. Soon the dog is the star of the party. But, watch out, anytime the phrase 'here we go' is said in Weego's earshot, he will fetch a Bud Light, even if that's not what was intended to happen

As the ad ends, we learn that ‘Here we go‘, is Bud Light's new tagline, and are also directed to Bud Light's Facebook page to get more information on helping rescue dogs.

So, was this ad a clever way to introduce 'Here we go' as a slogan? Did it make you want to grab a Bud Light? Adopt a rescue dog?