After a year of petitioning to the folks at Guinness, RedditGifts finally accomplished their goal of obtaining a world record. The online gift exchange, which has been providing year round Online Secret Santas since 2009, now holds the title for "The Largest Online Secret Santa Game."

According to redditgifts user Kickme444's blog post yesterday, 30,250 participants in 115 countries who took part in last November's gift exchange will be featured in the Guinness World Record Book for the title all thanks to reddit user someguyfromcanada. According to the blog, the user e-mailed and messaged the site with his world record idea months prior to the gift exchanging festivities.

He started with tweets and e-mails directed at Guinness, took the campaign to the reddit community and eventually, months later, Guinness decided that they were going to create a new world's record category for us!" Redditgifts writes. "So everyone please, take a moment and thank someguyfromcanada. Without him, this would have never happened."

With a new record title under their belt, the site says they plan to gain more participants this year and set the record even higher. We'd be surprised if any other site tries to defeat the online forum. It seems like it would be quite the challenge!

Congratulations to all of the folks who participated in last year's event! We can't wait to see how many participants there will be this year!