Nachu Bhatnagar is huge fan of Harry Turtledove’s book series ‘The War That Came Early.’ The next installment of the alternative history take on World War II comes out in June but, tragically, Bhatnagar has terminal cancer, and may not make it that long.

So Bhanagar's good friend, Reddit user kivadid, made an appeal to the online community: Would anyone be able to help him get a hold of an advance copy of the June release so his dying friend could be assured a chance to read it?

He also put the letter he hoped to get to Turtledove in his post:

It is my duty as a friend to do whatever I can to fulfill Nachu’s last wishes," the note to Turtledove reads. "Is it at all possible for you to send him copies of the remaining books in the series? I understand the risks involved in sending an advance copy of your books to him and I understand the potential copyright issues and backlash from publishers. That said, my friend needs some good luck and kindness to balance out the awful stream he’s been on, and I couldn’t imagine a better person for it than his favorite author.”

Kivadid posted his message at 2 AM, and the Reddit immediately swung into action. One poster said he knew Turtledove's daughter. By morning, three different editors has contacted kivadid about getting Bhanagar an advanced copy.

And that's not all. When kivadid did present the book to Bhanagar soon after, he had another surprise. Turtledove had agreed to call Bhanagar and discuss what happens in the story beyond what will be contained in the June release.

It was incredibly classy move by Turtledove, and also a reminder of how Reddit -- which can be rough and snarky at times -- it also full of heart. Watch the emotional video of Bhanagar receiving his advanced copy below (Some of Bhanagar's language is NSFW, due to excitement.)

[via Social Times]