Katy Perry in a candy necklace is a bit much, but a dog in a candy necklace is just what the doctor ordered (if you have some sort of illness that is cured by adorableness). Plus "Katy Puppy" sings! Kind of.

The Pet Collective has released an all-dog version of Perry's "California Gurls" titled "California Grrrs," featuring a dog walking all around a magical candy land barking along to the song and not eating or puking on anything, which is pretty impressive for a dog surrounded by candy.

We've previously seen the Pet Collective cast corgis, bulldogs and more in covers of songs by Adele, Carly Rae Jepsen and One Direction.

Can we maybe get a 2 Chainz parody next? A cat singing 'I Love Dem Kippers'? Yes, please and thank you!

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