Songstress Adele may be incredible and have two multi-platinum albums, but, let's face it, 'Rolling in the Deep' has been played to death. But here's a version of the hit song by a soulful pooch that even ear-weary Adele fans will love. You've never heard it like this before, guaranteed.

Courtesy of The Pet Collective, this is actually a follow-up to the corgi version of 'Call Me Maybe,' and as far as we're concerned, it's even better. (But don't tell any corgis we said that.)

This expressive pooch totally conveys the emotion of Adele's powerful song about a scorned lover, and when the chorus kicks in, it's pure howling magic. And in a close approximation of the original video, a black cat frolics in a mass of loose feathers and a dog in a hallway operates what suspiciously looks like a toy drum kit from the video game 'Rock Band.'

What do you think? How does this version compare to the original? And what song would you like to see covered by animals next?

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