If this woman can vote, you can vote.

A pregnant woman in Colorado's Boulder County stopped off to vote before going to the hospital to have her baby.

Sosha Adelstein was due on Tuesday -- Election Day -- but labor pains began last Friday through the morning, so she and her partner, Max Brandel, decided to go to the hospital.

But not before making a very civic-minded pit stop. They headed to the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder's Office to drop off their ballots for the election. "We ran over there and kind of made it just in time, because like shortly after that I was like okay its time," Adelstein said. "We got to get to the hospital."

And that's exactly what they did. They eventually reached the hospital, where Adelstein gave birth to a girl. She and Brandel, by the way, voted for Hillary Clinton.

A county spokeswoman praised Adelstein for making sure she exercised her right to vote. "We always encourage voting by any means and certainly encourage your ballot in as soon as possible," she said. "This is a great reason to vote early if you are in labor."

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