Hillary Clinton supporters aren't only making a statement by voting -- they're also making a fashion statement.

Hordes of women who back the Democratic presidential nominee have turned up at the polls in pantsuits, an homage to the outfit of choice worn by the 69-year-old.

The movement began with a closed Facebook group (you need to be invited to become part of it) called, appropriately enough Pantsuit Nation that now boasts more than two million men and women, as well as its own website.

Libby Chamberlain founded the group and told the Washington Post that it's gratifying to see it spread and know there's so much support. "There’s an awakening that’s happening with each new member — ‘Wow! I’m not alone.' There’s this understanding that something special is happening."

Take a look at some more photos below and tell us how you decided to dress to cast your vote.

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