For the past several years, pole dancing classes have been springing up around the country, with attendees saying the activity is a pretty good way to stay in shape.

Now even the pious are embracing the trend, which they've rebranded "Pole Dancing for Jesus."

Crystal Dean, who teaches PDFJ classes in her Old Town Spring, Texas studio, says, "God gives us these bodies and they’re supposed to be our temples and we’re supposed to take care of them, and that’s what we’re doing."

Even men are getting in on the action. YouTuber MrPhatLips, who's posted videos of himself on the pole while religious music plays, says on his profile, "I am a very deeply spiritual follower of Christ. Partaking in pole fitness does not mean that I am automatically driven by sex."

Seems the answer to "What would Jesus do?" might very well have been, "Carry a big wad of singles."

Take a look at Dean and MrPhatLips in action:

[via The Daily Mail]