We can't help but love local news programs. They never fail at bringing us some of the craziest people this country has to offer. For example, Fred Truluck, who believes to have seen a profile of Jesus Christ on a piece of a Corona beer box -- shaped like a fish, of course. But fear not, folks: Jimmy Kimmel came to our rescue.

During last night's monologue, Kimmel took to the streets of Hollywood after showing footage of the crazed Floridian saying, "A kindergartner could see it. No doubt about it!" Well, with good reason, the late night host had some doubts and decided to ask some real-life kindergartners.

We don't know if his holiness would appreciate being seen as: tape, a feather, cream, a sheep, and especially poop, but he would undoubtedly be offended by people thinking he'd be in Florida of all places.