If you haven't watched 'Orange Is the New Black' yet, please do so immediately. It is amazing. Part of why we love it (other than the fact that it is hilarious, and probably the greatest ensemble of female characters that has ever existed in the history of TV), is that the characters are so easy to relate to. You can honestly relate, at least for a little bit, to every single lady character on the show (and some of the guys as well). Here's what we mean. (Oh and NSFW, seeing as it's a show about women in prison and all.)

You've made mistakes.

Sometimes you lose your temper.

You're not always a good person.


There's been a time or two when you've forgotten to brush your teeth.

You've definitely cheated at crossword puzzles.

You've done crazy things for somebody you have a crush on.

You like tacos.

Sometimes you let your heart be your guide, even when it's not a good idea.

But mostly, this. We've all felt like this.