Mash-up genius Fadi Saleh is at it again. The 19-year-old who runs YouTube channel Baracksdubs has just unveiled his latest editing masterpiece. Known for his viral videos of presidential speeches cut to the tune of popular music, Saleh's fans have requested the next pop hit for our Commander-in-Chief to (sort of) sing along to.

After covering songs by Justin Bieber, LMFAO, Lady Gaga and Carly Rae Jepsen, Obama now takes on British boyband One Direction's debut smash 'What Makes You Beautiful.' Watch this selectively edited music video which must have taken Saleh an awfully long time to cut.

While the president could've used a bit more energy during the chorus, with election season in full swing, it's safe to say Obama isn't getting much rest. And it's anyone's guess whether pop covers are going to help his campaign.

Saleh on the other hand just hit "instant win" with this video. Given One Direction's massive fanbase, expect this mash-up to rack up the millions of views just as easily.

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