The NFL used their Super Bowl 2012 commercial to promote a new fantasy football game that will launch next season. And what makes their version of football better than the rest? The chance to win a million dollars.

As the Maino song 'Millon Bucks' plays, viewers are treated to visions of how winning that kind of dough can seriously change your life.

Would you become one of the Scrooge McDuck-type instant millionaires and bathe in gold coins? Or would you buy a mansion with a swimming pool filled with dolphins?

Well, we have bad news, folks. And it's not that the NFL isn't being generous with it's prizes -- they will be giving away a million dollars anytime a fan sets a perfect lineup in the weekly game. (Rules here.)

It's that a million dollars barely buys you any of the largesse featured in the ad. So play fantasy football because it's fun. (Or at least it's fun until the person in the office who drafted based on team uniforms somehow wins your league.)