While it's technically not an actual part of the official roster of Super Bowl 2014 commercials, Newcastle's multi-part documentary starring Anna Kendrick and Keyshawn Johnson in the beer company's failure of trying to make an ad for the big game is a huge, hilarious parody of the whole system.

Newcastle has released a series of videos detailing what they wanted to do for a massive Super Bowl commercial... and how it all failed miserably. The original commercial pitch included party sharks, battle apes, Keyshawn Johnson starring as a skateboarding cat and girls in bikinis (with Anna Kendrick leading them wearing nothing but body paint) fighting off giant robots by dancing in front of them. As awesome as that sounds, it didn't happen. Newcastle openly admits they didn't have the funds to pull off anything as extravagant as most other beer dynasties.

Nevertheless, Newcastle takes us through a series of videos which highlight the pre-production process, the pitch of the actual commercial, focus group responses to the concept sketches, Keyshawn Johnson's response to the concept and an interview with Anna Kendrick talking about her thoughts on Newcastle's failed idea. All of the videos are hilarious and creates a farce out of everything that keeps us compelled to watch Super Bowl commercials.

In particular, Anna Kendrick's interview about Newcastle's failed ad is quite funny. Kendrick makes fun of how Newcastle didn't even buy the rights to use the phrase "Super Bowl" and starts questioning if she considers herself "beer commercial hot" or "hottest girl in your improve class hot", differentiating between the two. Of course, in Kendrick's honesty, she admits that she was looking forward to doing a commercial with a large paycheck for a beer that she doesn't even drink. Make sure you get to the last videos to see Johnson and Kendrick's honest and humorous opinions.

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