Say what you will about Apple and the iPhone, but it's still an amazing piece of mobile technology. Someone, namely viral hero Mystery Guitar Man, just found a way to make it amazing-er.

Internet virtuoso Joe Penna aka Mystery Guitar Man performed an instrumental rendition of Fun's "We Are Young." Rather than just play the song on his acoustic guitar, he and a few friends concocted a brilliant scheme to play it on a couple of iPhones.

It must have taken a great deal of careful coordination and choreography to pull this off in sync and in real time. As mentioned in the video, this was the result of 238 takes. It also must have taken a heck of a lot of time to shoot and edit the videos on each phone to make they were properly synced up for the final shoot.

Penna has a lot of experience pulling off these complicated video shoots. His YouTube channel features a number of complex music videos. His cover of Tommy Tune's "Jenny (867-5309)" featured a stop motion animation using nothing but 10,000 different colored guitar picks. His "Music with Lights" video used a laser pointer to draw out each note of an orchestral piece. He even animates a dry-erase board as he is drawing it.

Oh, and he also plays guitar.