Neo's guide down the rabbit hole, Morpheus, has returned from 'The Matrix' in order to reveal the truth about luxury in Kia's Super Bowl 2014 commercial.

Sure, most automobile enthusiasts out there would not associate Kia with being the cream of the crop in terms of luxury cars. Luckily, Morpheus has pulled down the veil to the truth that was being hidden right before our eyes -- that Laurence Fishburne is a great singer.

The premise of the commercial itself is both awesome and simple. A couple has gone to a valet attendant to retrieve their parked car. The attendant is none other than the Zion's famous leader. Morpheus then questions the couple's idea of what makes a luxury vehicle and offers them a choice between two sets of keys, one taking them back to their normal car and the other to a Kia, featuring ton of unexpected luxury.

Kia's Matrix-themed commercial throws in plenty of Easter eggs for fans of the Wachowski siblings' trilogy. Be on the lookout for agents of the Matrix as they try to keep tabs on Morpheus. There's also a bending spoon, mimicking the film's "there is no spoon" conversation. We were surprised to see the lady in red that Mouse programmed for Morpheus and Neo's training exercise from the earlier part of the original film. And if you thought fighting in the Matrix looked amazing, wait until you hear the singing.

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