Everyone and their mother is crankin’ out ‘Gangnam Style’ parodies these days. No, seriously-- don’t you remember the mother-son pair who did an awesome rendition of PSY’s giddyup move?

You’d think that after seeing versions from cats to Trekkies and everything in between we’d be a little sick of this craze, right?

Heck no! Our obsession is still going strong, and this time we’re cracking up over ‘Mitt Romney Style.' Warning: good ol’ Mitt throws around the f-bomb, so ‘Gangnam Style’-goes-political is NSFW. The elevator scene is also a little disturbing, but it’s still hilarious.

The fake politician (although we SO wish it was the real deal) sings about his “benefit hoppin’” and the reason we should elect him-- he’s got so much monay-AY-AY-AY-AY! How could you possibly say no to this guy when he has gyrating moves almost as good as PSY’s?!

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