We still can’t quite decide if ‘Gangnam Style’ is hilarious or slightly nightmare-inducing. One thing is for sure though--the mega-hit is straight up addicting, although we’re not exactly sure why.

Is it the singer’s charmingly strange dance moves that gets moms galloping PSY-style? Or the fact that all walks of life want in on the Gangnam action, including wizards and Hitler? (No, seriously…)

With all this hype around PSY, we’re not surprised these gangster kitties want to take a crack at Gangnam style, too! Now, it’s not entirely clear if any of these cats actually enjoy the catchy tune. Actually, judging by some  bored paw-licking and the flat-out disgusted look from that hairless cat, we’re pretty sure felines aren’t feeling PSY. But that’s OK, because the hip kitties make bright pink headphones look totally awesome.

What do you think--should these cool cats give Gangnam Style a chance or should they just stick to playing with yarnballs?

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