Step aside Carly Rae Jepsen, the time of the  'Call Me Maybe' parodies is over. Enter the endless lampoons of 'Gangnam Style.' And what better way to achieve maximum viral impact than to get Trekkies into the mix?

Not too long ago America was introduced to the South Korean singer/rapper Psy. His massive hit 'Gangnam Style' took us all by storm when it went up on YouTube; ever since, he's become a smash here in the States, performing for anyone from the cast of the 'Today Show' to Ellen Degeneres to 'Saturday Night Live,' dancing along to his signature tune. Psy himself claims the famed dance is based on a "Dress classy but dance cheesy" motto.

In this video, we're given 'Klingon Style.' For those who don't know (how dare you!), Klingons are a fictional warrior race in the 'Star Trek' series. So just what does this video have in common with 'Gangnam Style?' Well, aside from the dance — which does vary at times — the other similarity would have to be that we're completely clueless as to what anybody is actually saying. Any Klingon speakers out there? If so, do tell!

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