Summer is wedding season but it's also a time for incredibly orchestrated and coordinated (possibly over-the-top?) videos of marriage proposals. There was the guy who rented out a movie theater and had the trailer of his love story play out into his eventual question, the one in the park, the one at Disney. This season kicks off with what the question-popper claims is the "world's first live lip dub marriage proposal."

If you weren't near a TV all weekend -- good for you, you should'nt have been -- this was all over the major media outlets. Last week, Isaac Lamb, an aspiring actor, convinced family, friends and a marching band among others, to help him deliver the can't-say-no proposal all set to Bruno Mars, 'Marry You.' According to the thespian, it took the crew only one rehearsal take to nail it before filming. Isaac, you're making us look bad, dude!