Have you adequately prepared your heart for a wave of feels? Here's a video of an actor playing Peter Pan who pops the question to his girlfriend, who was playing Wendy Darling, during a performance onstage at the SSE Hydro Arena in Glasgow, Scotland. 

In what is possibly one of the most fitting endings to the story, Peter Pan proposed to Wendy during a performance of a stage play. There, surrounded by his fellow actors and in front of a wide audience, Dutch actor Sandor Sturbl stopped the show to say a few words to Lily-Jane Young, his co-star and real life girlfriend.

In that part of the play, Peter is supposed to look upon Wendy and give her a kiss. But Sturbl lets us know that this is not a normal show and what the audience is watching is really a 28-year-old Dutch man looking at the love of his life. Cue the flood of feels now.

As one might expect, the other actors and the whole audience erupt into a frenzy as they realize what Sturbl is about to do. And then there, in front of all their friends, family members and a full theater audience in the town in which she was born, Young sees Sturbl drop to his knees and offer her a ring. Through her sobs, Young says, "Yes!" and the happy couple embrace each other, drowned out by the cheering of the crowd around them. Ain't love grand?

Watch the proposal above and see even more memorable marriage proposals by clicking the button link below.

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