Regardless of your stance on the Zach Braff Kickstarter debacle, you can't say nothing good came of it. Sure, it may have sent douche chills up your spine to see a millionaire asking for money so he could make exactly the movie he wanted to make, but at the same time, thanks to his awesome Kickstarter rewards, this guy is getting married!

Anyone who pledged more than $500 to the Kickstarter for Braff's film 'Wish I Was Here' got a 20-second video of Braff saying (almost) whatever the donor wanted. This guy decided to use his 20 seconds to have Braff propose for him, since his GF is a huge 'Scrubs' fan. That's not all.

In addition to that, he got video of all their family and friends telling her to say yes and edited it into the video. Smart move, dude -- she's not going to turn you down after JD from 'Scrubs' tells her say yes. Uh, and also her dad.

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