This was a great week for new memes. Check out some of the funniest below.

If you liked Overlord Manatee, you'll love his angry fellow animal overlord, Vindictive Canadian Moose. Overlord Manatee may be a laughable tyrant behind his glass, but Vindictive Canadian Moose Overlord is proud, dangerous and not to be messed with.

Another new meme, Old Man from the '90s, is a funny reminder of the "olden days" and has spurred a 1970s Nostalgia meme which reminisces about even older technology. But with the rise of Murder Bunny, Insanity Wolf is not happy. Check out the little scuffle those two cute/scary memes get into below. Finally, Socially Awkward Penguin tries to follow Sudden Clarity Clarence's advice with disastrous results. Memes talking to other memes? We're behind the looking glass here, people.

Overlord Manatee

Vindictive Canadian Moose Overlord

Old Man From the 90's

1970s Nostalgia

Insanity Wolf

Murder Bunny

Insanity Wolf Response

Murder Bunny

Drunk Baby

First World Problems (Check out our Netflix Recommendations for July!)

Sudden Clarity Clarence


Socially Awkward Penguin