A botched Facebook event, which led to Facebook defriending, has now led to a serious arson.

According to police reports, Jennifer Christine Harris of Des Moines, IA asked her friend Nicki Rasmussen to create a Facebook event for a party Harris wanted to throw. But when the event started to rack up a high number of declines, the two women began feuding on Facebook and Rasmussen eventually decided to end the argument by defriending Harris on the social media site. Bad move.

That's when Harris took the dispute out into the real world in a dangerous way, allegedly setting fire to Rasmussen's garage as Rasmussen and her husband slept. The couple managed to escape the fire as it began to spread to the house.

When asked who would do such a thing, the Rasmussen's immediately fingered Harris, citing the Facebook feud, and then the cops found enough evidence to arrest the 30-year-old on charges of first degree arson.

We're pretty sure this would have never happened if you were allowed to burn your friend's houses down on Farmville.

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