People have been wearing their jeans below their butts for years now. But don't tell that to Ohio judge Mark Mihok, who will put you in jail if you wear them low and saggy in his courtroom. The judge's latest offender is visible in the video above: he's the one in the white shirt.

That man is Durrell Brooks, who got three days in the slammer for contempt of court after showing up with boxers hanging out. The really sad thing is that Brooks wasn't even on trial: he was there offering a friend facing the judge some help.

The lady in question had been in a car accident in May, and Brooks was there to confirm to Mihok that the car she was driving was insured in his name. Brooks told the judge and as he walked away, Mihok noticed his underpants. So, into the pokey with Brooks.

Here's video of the alleged pants and their sagginess:

Mihok, when interviewed, said that he thought Brooks was shocked and upset, but stood by his spontaneous ruling. This marks the third time in a month Mihok has ruled somebody with their pants a bit lower than the tailor intended deserves to go to jail. Mihok says it's a matter of everyone in his courtroom feeling safe, including teenagers and the elderly, which leads us to ask...are a lot of people in Ohio scared of underpants?

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