We don't generally associate Sweden with carjacking. But Kortedala, a suburb of the city of Gotenberg, was nonetheless the site of one of the strangest car thefts we've ever read. It involves a toy gun, a nine-year-old  and an electric car.

The boy, who remains unidentified, started out by trying to break into a different car. Passersby who saw him were threatened with the toy gun as the boy screamed "It's loaded!" Finally, he gave up and tried a different car, which was unlocked.

Of course, it was unlocked because it was a specially designed electric vehicle. Its top speed is roughly fifteen miles per hour. Nonetheless the boy attempted to drive off, with concerned motorists following and honking to warn traffic.

Sadly, his attempt to escape via grand theft auto ended when he crashed at a nearby roundabout. He tried to escape on foot only to be picked up and carried by one of the concerned motorists.

Swedish police are unable to charge him due to his age, so he's being referred to social services. We can't wait for somebody to blame video games for this one.

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