'Fight Club' was more controversial than successful when it came out in 1999. But David Fincher's gritty and highly stylized film adaptation of novelist Chuck Palahniuk's meditation on consumerism and masculinity has only gained in stature since its release and is now considered to be a modern day screen classic.

See what the cast of 'Fight Club' is up to these days.

Then: Ed Norton was the nameless and unreliable narrator of 'Fight Club.' The actor was no stranger to extreme movie violence as he'd played the lead in 'American History X' the year before.

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Now: Norton, one of the more respected actors of his generation, recently starred in Wes Anderson's 'Moonrise Kingdom' and will work with the quirky director again in his next film, 'The Grand Budapest Hotel.'

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Then: Brad Pitt brought his perfectly tousled hair and A-game abs to the role of Tyler Durden, a character which Empire magazine named the greatest in film history. It was Pitt's second collaboration with Fincher, having previously starred in 'Se7en.'

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Now: This summer Pitt will try to save humanity from the undead in the zombie thriller 'World War Z.' We're still waiting for him to team with Fincher again on a movie that isn't as dull as 'Benjamin Button.'

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Then: Helena Bonham Carter snagged the dark role of chain-smoking, support-group crasher Marla Singer after Janeane Garofalo passed on it, saying she wasn't comfortable with the script's sexual content.

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Now: Bonham Carter is often seen in the films of her domestic partner Tim Burton. The London-born actress will next team up with Johnny Depp, another Burton favorite, in 'The Lone Ranger.' (Which, oddly, isn't directed by Burton.)

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Then: Meat Loaf was testicular cancer victim and enthusiastic hugger Robert "Bob" Paulson. Although he was primarily known as a singer, Meat actually got his first big break as an actor, starring in the stage and screen versions of the musical 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show.'

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Now: Following a memorable stint on 'Celebrity Apprentice,' Meat Loaf was recently seen in the Jennifer Jason Leigh movie 'The Moment.' In 2014, he and longtime lyricist and collaborator Jim Steinman will be releasing another album of what are sure to be bombastic power ballads.

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Then: The delicate facial features that served Jared Leto so well in his breakout role as Jordan Catalano on 'My So Called Life' suffered some pretty serious abuse in 'Fight Club.'

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Now: Leto will return to the screen after a four-year hiatus in the upcoming drama 'Dallas Buyers Club.' When he's not acting, the 41-year-old plays in the band 30 Seconds to Mars and apparently drinks from the fountain of youth.

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Then: Veteran "that guy" actor Zach Grenier was Edward Norton's boss Richard, who becomes increasingly disturbed by his employee's increasingly odd behavior.

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Now: Grenier plays David Lee on 'The Good Wife' and will be in the 'RoboCop' remake.

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Then: 'Fight Club' leader The Mechanic was played by Holt McCallany. You may have recognized the Irish-American actor from the movies 'Alien 3' or 'The Peacemaker.'

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Now: A trained mixed martial arts fighter in real life, McCallany also used his combat skills as the star of the boxing-based TV series 'Lights Out.' He currently plays a cop on the crime drama 'Golden Boy.'

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Then: That was Thom Gossom Jr. as arson investigator Detective Stern in 'Fight Club.' His big break had come two years earlier when he played the lead role in the TV movie 'Miss Evers' Boys.'

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Now: Gossom will be in the upcoming TV series 'Partners.'


Then: David Andrews played support group member Thomas in 'Fight Club.' The Stanford graduate had started his career as a lawyer before becoming an actor.

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Now: The risky career move ended up paying off for Edwards, as he plays Sheriff Napier on 'Justified' and reunited with Pitt in 'World War Z.'