By now, you've probably seen the hilarious 'Saturday Night Live' spoofs of Brad Pitt's melodramatic Chanel No. 5 commercial. (If not, watch them here.) Now it seems a dog has gotten into the mix, offering a canine take on Brad's weird ad. Funny thing is, this pooch does a much better job as a spokesperson than Pitt.

Instead of rambling about luck, fate and fortune like Pitt does, this dog drops some pseudo-poetry about going for walks, chasing sticks and getting belly rubs and treats while staring thoughtfully into the camera.

Of course, the entire parody is shot in tasteful black-and-white just like the original. Also, the pooch is wearing a button-down shirt like Pitt's because dogs in human clothing are always hilarious.

What does any of this have to do with perfume, you may ask? Beats us! But, man, that dog sure is deep.