It's March Madness, and we're ranking the stuff that really matters like animals, cartoons, retro snacks and memes. The results for the Sweet Sixteen in the retro snacks category are in - and we have our Elite 8!

There’s always room for Jell-O Pudding Pops in Round 2. Doritos 3Ds move into the next dimension of our contest as they beat out Pizzarias for Round 2. C3POs apparently ARE the cereal you’re looking for as they blast into the next round. Fruitopia’s promise of the ideal beverage has poured it into Round 2. And finally, Tang rockets its way into the next round.

So who's ready for Round Two!

TheFW Old School Snacks
Christine Gritmon

Jell-O Pudding Pops and Doritos 3Ds satisfy a very different kind of snacky hunger – will we go for cool chocolate or nacho heat? Will the sugar rush of Fun-Dip or C3POs Cereal best fuel our hyperactive antics? And which would we rather wash our after-school snacks down with, Fruitopia or Crystal Pepsi? Vote, and help us determine the Old-School Refreshments Final Four!

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