It's March Madness, and we're pitting the things that matter most against each other. Yes, we've got brackets for 90s cartoons, retro snacks, beloved internet famous animals and hilarious memes. The results for the Sweet Sixteen in the meme category are in, and we have our Elite 8!

All This Bracket Are Belong To "All Your Base." Fry’s not sure if he won because people like 'Futurama' or just because they like his skeptical attitude. Speaking of 'Futurama,' Prof. Farnsworth doesn't have to live on this bracket anymore, as Picard boldly goes where no meme has gone before. Overly Attached Girlfriend won this round just for you (and has also disabled your phone and internet so other girls can’t contact you). And Disaster Girl has burned Running Chubby Bubbles Girl's chances of victory to the ground as she steps over her ashes into Round Two.

TheFW Internet Memes ROUND 2
Christine Gritmon


Can Annoyed Picard captain a victory, or will All The Things clean up this bracket? Will Overly Attached Girlfriend even register Condescending Wonka's sarcasm, or will her obliviousness to anyone but you enable her to stalk out a victory? And while Success Kid and Disaster Girl each like to make the best of their respective situations, we'll see which kid is left smiling after Round Two. Vote below, and help us determine the Internet Memes Final Four!

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