Duckling are, as we all know, completely adorable. But they're also, well, babies, and they're not exactly able to fly yet.

Which, when you take refuge in someone's heated pool on a rainy day, can be a bit of a problem. A cute problem, but a problem.

As you can see, the ducklings struggle to get at their mom, but the pool lip is too high, and they just bonk into the side.

Fortunately, some quick thinking from the pool owner saves the day; he inserts a deck chair as a ramp, letting the ducks get out of the pool. Fortunately, it was a kiddie pool, so he didn't have to try and get the kids out of the deep end.

Apparently, this was because it was a cold rainy day, and the heat of the pool was appealing. We hope that if the ducks came back, they filled the pool a bit higher.