Traffic jams always give us headaches. At least if this massive flock of waddling and quacking ducks was the cause, we'd have something to amuse us until the gridlock cleared up.

Drivers in the Chinese city of Taizhou found themselves with just such a problem.

A local duck farmer had to move his massive flock of 5,000 ducks to a water source approximately one mile from his home. Some cameramen heard of the mass duck crossing and caught the spectacle on tape for the world to enjoy. CBS This Morning posted the video to their homepage.

Cars came to a standstill as the farmer herded the massive flock, armed with nothing more than a simple cane. None of the ducks were hurt. In fact, the farmer claims that he hasn't lost one yet.

The more amazing part is this is a regular occurrence for the drivers of Taizhou. At least that explains why the Chinese live longer. No one would honk and curse out a duck for any reason.