Mama animals, it seems, will do anything to protect their babies. In Oklahoma, a mother duck risked her own life and walked into oncoming traffic after her ducklings fell into a storm grate.

Witnesses say the mother duck and her seven babies were walking along an Oklahoma City highway when the ducklings became trapped in a storm drain.

Apparently, the mother duck became so distraught that she threw herself into traffic in what some say was a desperate call for help. "It didn't matter to her [that] cars were coming," said John Butler, who helped rescue the ducklings. "She was more concerned about her kids, I guess."

Eventually, bystanders noticed the mother duck's odd behavior and called the city for assistance. Fortunately, a street crew was able to remove the grate and reunite the family. Watch the report above and, if you haven't already, be sure to get your mom something nice for Mother's Day, willya?