Hold onto your butts -- we hear that's the best place to hold onto if you're worried an internet video is making you have a panic attack. This video of a family of ducks trying to cross a busy highway is not for the faint of heart. Even with the caveat that this is a nerve-wracking bit of drama, even if you hate ducks, you'll probably find yourself freaking out at least a little bit.

As if the dangers of crossing five lanes of high-speed traffic isn't bad enough, every time a big truck goes by the gust of wind that accompanies it is strong enough to scatter the tiny baby ducklings all over the road, which can't be a good thing.

Fortunately, the last lane of traffic is closed and the ducks make it safely to the other side. It turns out watching the little ducklings blindly trust and follow their parent was a cute idea, instead of the terrifying tragedy it seemed like it was going to turn into.